Enjoy the Best Dumplings around Manassas

three dumplings and sauce on a platter | dumplings around Manassas

Sometimes called the poor man’s potato, dumplings make a quick, delicious meal. The recipes vary by culture, and the fillings range from chicken to shrimp. If you would like to sample some dumplings around Manassas, visit one of these restaurants near our Manassas apartments: Hunan Cafe  At Hunan Cafe, you’ll find some of the tastiest […]

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Test Your Sleuthing Skills at Bond’s Escape Room

friends working together in an escape room | Bond's Escape Room near Manassas

When you want to enjoy an hour of fun, head to Bond’s Escape Room. It welcomes hundreds of thrill-seekers every year, who find their problem-solving skills are tested unlike ever before. Here are a few of the rooms you can try near our Manassas apartments: Molly’s Horror Room Two years ago, young Molly went missing. […]

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