3 Local Manassas Yoga Studios Offering Virtual Classes

woman doing yoga at home

Now that summer is here, this is the perfect time to tackle a new, challenging hobby. Yoga is an ancient group of physical, spiritual, and mental practices that strive to develop peace and harmony within a person. For the past several years, yoga has become a favorite hobby and daily activity for many Americans. The practice has been known to improve mental and physical health through increased flexibility, weight control, and stress relief. If you want to try out a new hobby in your Manassas apartment, check out these local studios offering virtual classes. 

Center Street Studios 

Located in the heart of Manassas, Center Street Studios Pilates and Yoga welcomes all ages and levels to the studio. Open every day of the week, they are offering a variety of classes from sunrise to sunset. Each class emphasizes the practice of pilates while also incorporating yoga-driven positions. Not only are they offering virtual group classes, but private lessons as-well. Check out their class schedule and Instagram to learn more about the studio! 

Wheelhouse Yoga

Founded in 2018, Wheelhouse Yoga owners, Alyson Pollard & Kelly Layfield, opened the studio to combine their love for both yoga and pilates. The instructors are committed to making the experience empowering and serene for their yogis. Through a variety of Vinyasa, Yin, and Nidra classes, they hope to create a path to serenity for their community. Check out their class schedule to register for virtual classes. 

Bedrock Yoga

Balance, strength, and ease is the motto that Bedrock Yoga hopes to gift to their yogis. Here at Bedrock, they believe that yoga is the path to increasing everyone’s quality of life. They welcome all levels of experience, age, and fitness levels to join their studio and practice. A variety of classes are offered throughout the day to accommodate their students’ different schedules. Check out their class list to register for virtual live-streams. 

To discover other ways to become physically active besides sessions at these Manassas yoga studios, visit our blog. To make an apartment at The Elms at Signal Hill Station in Manassas your home, contact us.

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