5,000 Acres of American History

battlefield park

Eight miles away from the centrally located Elms at Signal Hill sits an amazing piece of American history: Manassas National Battlefield Park. This park, the site of two separate Civil War battles, is a must-see for those visiting or residing in Manassas.

Walking Tours

If this is your first time at the park, you might start your tour with a stop at the Visitor’s Center. The Visitor’s Center offers a short film detailing both battles, as well as a fiber-optic map depicting troop movement. Take your time browsing through the Civil War memorabilia on display, and perhaps pay a visit to the bookshop for further reading. Upon leaving the Visitor’s Center, you can take a walking tour with National Park guides who will entrance children and adults alike with their vast knowledge of the battles. Perhaps you prefer to explore independently; feel free to do so, either by foot or by car. Younger members of your party might be interested in the two trails specially designed for kids. Whatever you decide, make sure to stop by the unfinished railroad where fierce fighting took place and the Stone House, still standing as it did during those violent days.

Trails and More

Outside of history, the park offers a series of horseback riding trails; just know that they don’t provide the horses! There are also a number of ponds available for fishing, as well as numerous picnicking spots and areas to hike. This is a beautiful spot as well as historic, a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors.

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