Test Your Sleuthing Skills at Bond’s Escape Room

friends working together in an escape room | Bond's Escape Room near Manassas

When you want to enjoy an hour of fun, head to Bond’s Escape Room. It welcomes hundreds of thrill-seekers every year, who find their problem-solving skills are tested unlike ever before. Here are a few of the rooms you can try near our Manassas apartments:

Molly’s Horror Room

Two years ago, young Molly went missing. Now her parents notice strange bumps in the night. As paranormal investigators, your mission is to search her room and uncover the clues to her disappearance. Be warned, this case is hard to crack. Molly’s Horror Room is rated 4/5 in difficulty.

Save the White House II

In Save the White House II, a group of hackers has taken control of the country’s nuclear arsenal. You and your friends are among the Secret Service’s ranking agents. That means your job is to stop the attack before disaster strikes. You’ll need to work closely together, as your sleuthing skills will certainly be tested. 

Escape from Venus II: Collision Course 

After escaping from Venus, you and your friends are on your way back home. Suddenly, you pick up an incoming transmission and learn an asteroid is about to collide with Earth. Your small and damaged ship is the only one close enough to stop the asteroid. Your job is to repair the damage and prevent the collision before it’s too late. Escape from Venus is perfect for beginners. It’s rated 2/5 in difficulty.

The Cure 

Your team of archeologists is searching for a treasure cache from World War II. As you explore, you find an old hospital that’s not on any of your maps. You enter believing that it holds the lost treasure. Instead, you quickly discover you have been exposed to a deadly virus. Now you must save yourselves by finding a cure. The Cure is for three to eight players and challenges all skill levels.

Along with Bond’s Escape Room, you can find other unique activities around Manassas, including indoor rock climbing at a nearby gym. To become a resident of The Elms at Signal Hill Station, please contact us. We’d love to show you our apartments in Manassas, VA firsthand.

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