Bread Bakeries Near Manassas Offering Pickup or Delivery

man eating fresh bread with jam at home

Whether you make meatball sandwiches or grilled cheese & tomato soup casseroles, local bread bakeries offer the perfect loaves for your recipes. You can order online and arrange for pickup or delivery. The bakeries near Manassas offering advanced ordering near our Manassas apartments include:

Jireh Bakery Cafe 

Found inside what was once Jamie’s General Bean, Jireh Bakery Cafe is a Korean bakery featuring from-scratch treats. The bakers create in small batches. They use only use the finest, freshest ingredients and begin serving daily at 7:00 a.m. Bread choices include green tea, buttercream, and seven-grain. Jireh offers online ordering for convenient pickup.

Shilla Bakery 

Shilla Bakery started from humble beginnings in a small basement store. Today, it boasts four locations, and draws locals and visitors alike. The bakers blend Korean concepts with a European influence to create something different. They prepare from scratch and enjoy helping customers discover new treats. Bread offerings include raisin loaf, milk white loaf, and garlic cream cheese baguettes. Place an online order for pickup. 

Firehook Bakery 

Firehook Bakery takes its name from the hook-shaped tool first bakers used to pull clay pots from the fire. In the kitchen, the bakers bake bread the old-fashioned way. They create by hand and prepare time-honored recipes from organic ingredients. The bakery also believes in giving back. That’s why it makes daily bread donations to help people in need. The selection includes Swiss farm boule, Italian loaf, and signature wine loaf. Firehook offers both pick up and delivery Monday through Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 

After ordering some bread from bakeries near Manassas, then enjoy a virtual cooking class offered by a local school. You’ll learn to make dishes from around the world. If you want to become a resident of our apartments in Manassas, then please contact us. We would for you to see The Elms at Signal Hill Station firsthand. 

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