Explore DC’s National Postal Museum From Your Manassas Apartment

local resident browsing through the National Postal Museum on her laptop at home | National Postal Museum

Less than an hour from The Elms at Signal Hill Station is a unique destination called the National Postal Museum. It tells the story of the country’s postal history from colonial times through today. You can explore several exhibits from home. Here is some of what you can discover from our Manassas apartments:

Lincoln from Postmaster to President

In 1833, Abraham Lincoln became the postmaster of the New Salem, Illinois, post office. He typically carried mail under his top hat in case he ran into the intended recipients. The job allowed him to send and receive free mail and also enjoy free delivery of one newspaper. Lincoln held this position for three years until he was elected into the Illinois House of Representatives.

American Art on Postage Stamps

Since early colonial times, fine art on America’s postage stamps depicted events, famous citizens, and more. Postage stamp designers use some of the country’s most well-known works. However, they face a unique challenge. They must crop each piece without losing the true meaning of the art.

Glorious Flight

Glorious Flight highlights the Jeanette C. Rudy Duck Stamp Collection. Jeanette collected the stamps for over 50 years. As a result, she assembled one of the finest collections of its type. The stamps are among the most beautiful ever created, and many of her pieces are extremely rare.

Fad to Fundamental: Airmail in America

Between 1918 and 1926, some daredevil pilots took to the air. Many were civilian aircraft instructors or former military pilots who were tasked with flying aging planes to deliver the mail. These early airmail pilots became known as some of the most courageous pioneers of aviation.

After exploring the National Postal Museum, discover Colonial Williamsburg from home. If you want to become a resident of The Elms at Signal Hill Station, then please contact us. We will offer a tour so you can see all that our apartments in Manassas have to offer.

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