How to Have a Relaxing Day at Home in Manassas

woman reading a book at home | Relaxing Day in Manassas

Life moves at a fast pace. You feel like you’re always busy doing something. But sometimes it’s just too much. Sometimes you need to have a relaxing day in Manassas. These three businesses near our Manassas apartments offer everything you need for a mellow day at home.

Surry Shop Peanuts

Good snacks are a vital part of any laid-back day; fun fact: Peanuts are “…a staple crop and a famed culinary flavor of Virginia”. The peanuts from Surry Shop Peanuts are grown in Surry County, VA, in the fields of The Old Glebe, a historic glebe house. But the shop is located a quick 10-minute drive from our apartments in Manassas. They have various peanut flavors to choose from, like dill pickle, honey roasted, and chocolate-covered. Here’s their menu. When you’re ready to order, call the shop. They only accept checks and money orders for payment by mail. You can print the order form and mail your order, and they will ship the peanuts to you. They also offer curbside pick-up upon request. If you have any questions, contact them here.

Elden Street Tea Shop

Next, you need a beverage to go with the peanuts. A delicious pot of tea would be perfect. The Elden Street Tea Shop, located a short 30-minute drive from Manassas in Herndon, VA, offers a wide variety of loose-leaf teas. Egyptian chamomile, peppermint, and oolong are some flavors of tea they carry. If you love tea, they have a monthly subscription service called Inclusivitea. Also, the owner, Rachel Eisenfeld, writes a fun blog called Tasting Notes. So, place your order here, and they will ship the tea right to your door.

Richard McKay Used Books

The last thing you need for a mellow day at home is a good book. So, if you need some books, Richard McKay Used Books can help. Since 1983, Richard McKay Used Books has been a local fixture in Manassas. Located a 15-minute drive from our Manassas apartments, they offer curbside pick-up. Currently, they’re offering book grab bags. How it works: First, choose the kind of books you want, like non-fiction. Then select the type of books you want, like cooking or history. Then they will pick ten random books based on your choices and put them in your grab bag. It’s great because some of the books you get you can keep for yourself and others you can send to friends as gifts. You can place your order here. If you have any questions, contact the store here.

After your relaxing day in Manassas, check out these health food stores. To call The Elms at Signal Hill Station your new home, please contact us. We would love to welcome you into our community.

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