Enjoy the Best Pho Around Manassas

Bowl of Vietnamese pho noodle soup with rare beef, tendon, tripe and brisket served with onions, scallions and cilantro | pho around Manassas

A delicious Vietnamese soup, pho originated in the early 20th century. It’s perfect for a chilly day and is made with broth, rice noodles, and thinly sliced meat. You may also add bean sprouts, fresh herbs, and other garnishes. The best places for pho around our Manassas apartments include:

Pho Sapa 

At Pho Sapa, you’ll find some of the tastiest pho in town. Many diners call the restaurant their go-to. They enjoy the reasonable prices, large, flavorful portions, and the friendly staff that treats everyone like family. For dinner, enjoy the pho bo (beef noodle soup). You can add your choice of flank steak, beef balls, or well-done beef. The chef will prepare your soup to order, and you can also ask for vegetables, sliced onions, and extra noodles. 

Pho 234 

After immigrating to Virginia from Vietnam, Loan and Vinh Tran decided to turn their passion for healthy eating into a restaurant. That’s how Pho 234 was born. In the kitchen, the hearty, flavorful soup takes eight-plus hours to prepare. The chefs only use the finest, freshest ingredients. They create authentic dishes and enjoy bringing a taste of Vietnam to Manassas. Pho offerings include beef, chicken, and shrimp. 

Viet Flavor

At Viet Flavor, everything on the menu is made fresh daily. The culinary team uses the finest meats and produce. They start their day early and create dishes bursting with unforgettable flavors. Popular pho choices include chicken, meatballs, and eye-of-the-round steak. The offerings come with basil, scallions, bean sprouts, and other garnishes. You can enjoy your meal at the restaurant or order online for easy pickup. 

Before enjoying a bowl of pho around Manassas, shop ’til you drop at local antique stores. You’re sure to find one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. To become a resident of The Elms at Signal Hill Station, please contact us. Our leasing team will gladly show you our apartments in Manassas firsthand. 

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