Pick Up Some Sweet Treats at These Manassas Bakeries

cupcakes in a to-go box

There is nothing like biting into your favorite baked treat to make your heart happy.  Lucky for you, The Elms at Signal Hill Station is located close to some of the best Manassas bakeries, all of which offer curbside service.  Now you can pick up your favorite slice of deliciousness on the go and head home to your luxury Manassas apartment in no time at all.

The Lemonade Bakery 

The Lemonade Bakery is a local Manassas bakery that is dedicated to providing its customers with baked goods that are both allergy-free and absolutely delicious.  They work hard to accommodate common allergies such as egg, nuts, and soy.  The Lemonade Bakery is a family-owned operation that wants baking and sweet treats to be enjoyable to everyone, even people with severe food allergies. In addition, The Lemonade Bakery offers curbside service and delivery so your favorite dessert is only a phone call away.  

Weinegar’s Sweets & Treats

Weinegar’s Sweets & Treats is a three-generation family-run bakery. They have a multitude of baked goods from bread to cupcakes to cookies.  Weinegar’s Sweets & Treats also serves lunch with sandwiches being served on some of their famous, freshly baked bread.  This local Manassas favorite is best loved for its Red Velvet Cake. It’s a family recipe.  Moreover, Weinegar’s Sweets & Treats also offers curbside service. Your slice of Heaven will be packed up, ready, and waiting for you when you arrive. What could be better than that?

La Flor De Puebla

La Flor De Puebla is a local Manassas bakery that is family-run and has been part of the community for over 20 years. Each and every morning they bake a vast array of cakes, loaves of bread, and other mouth-watering pastries.  In addition to their bakery, they have a delightful cafe that uses their own homemade bread in many of its dishes.  La Flor De Puebla also has excellent curbside service and delivery. So your favorite sweet treat is only a phone call away.

Dessert is one of those things that makes life a little sweeter.  Be it your favorite cookie, cupcake, or pastry, there is nothing like a little sweet treat.  Whatever your favorite slice of deliciousness maybe, one of the great Manassas bakeries is sure to have it. You can also pick up a coffee from a local coffee shop to go with it. For more information about your new Manassas apartment contact us today.

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