Spend a Fun-Filled Day at the Leesburg Animal Park

squirrel monkey | Leesburg Animal Park

For a unique up-close animal experience, head to the Leesburg Animal Park. It’s an easy drive from our Manassas apartments. Here, you can enjoy exhibits, live shows, and more. Here is just some of what the park has to offer:

Dromedary Camels 

Caramel in color, dromedary camels have one hump. They eat desert vegetation and can drink 30 gallons of water in just ten minutes. About 15 million dromedary camels live worldwide. In the wild, they’re found in places like Australia, North Africa, and Saudi Arabia. 

Two-toed Sloth 

In the wild, two-toed sloths call the tropical and cloud forests of Central and South America home. Their front feet have two toes with claws, while the back feet have three toes. These animals are excellent swimmers. They can backstroke across a river and will swim to their new home when the forest floods. Two-toed sloths sleep between 15 and 18 hours a day and forage for food at night. 

For added fun, enjoy the private sloth encounter. You’ll get to meet and feed Sylvia while her keeper shares fun facts about her and her wild counterparts. This encounter is held on select weekdays at 4:00 p.m. 

Squirrel Monkeys 

Also found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, squirrel monkeys grow about a foot long and weigh two pounds. They live in large groups of 20 to 75 individuals. These animals communicate by squealing, whistling, and chirping, and when threatened by predators, they may defend themselves with a nasty bite. At mealtime, squirrel monkeys feast on fruit, nuts, and insects. 

After visiting the Leesburg Animal Park, enjoy a delicious Philly cheesesteak sandwich at a nearby restaurant. If you would like to call our apartments in Manassas home, please contact us. Our leasing team will show you firsthand everything The Elms at Signal Hill Station has to offer. 

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