Enjoy Indoor Rock Climbing around Manassas

indoor rock climber nearing the top of a wall | indoor rock climbing around Manassas

Gaining popularity, indoor rock climbing around Manassas offers a unique way to improve your strength, balance, and agility. That’s why several local climbing gyms provide hours of fun. You can try everything from bouldering to lead climbing and even enhance your skills by taking a class or two. The gyms near our Manassas apartments include: […]

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3 Local Manassas Yoga Studios Offering Virtual Classes

woman doing yoga at home

Now that summer is here, this is the perfect time to tackle a new, challenging hobby. Yoga is an ancient group of physical, spiritual, and mental practices that strive to develop peace and harmony within a person. For the past several years, yoga has become a favorite hobby and daily activity for many Americans. The […]

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