Meet Friends for the Best Martinis around Manassas

friends toasting and drinking martinis | martinis around Manassas

One of the most iconic cocktails, martinis usually feature gin (or vodka) and vermouth. It’s served at several local restaurants in Manassas and is one of the most popular drinks on the menu. The best places for a martini near our Signal Hill apartments include: Bourbon Boulevard At Bourbon Boulevard, you’ll enjoy an evening filled […]

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Enjoy the Best Gyros around Manassas

wrapped gyro | gyros around manassas

A Greek favorite, gyros are tasty sandwiches featuring rotisserie meat, vegetables, and yogurt-based tzatziki sauce. They’re perfect for lunch or dinner and are served at several locally-owned restaurants. The eateries near our Signal Hill apartments include: Lebanese Kitchen Step into the Lebanese Kitchen to enjoy the flavors of Lebanon. The chef uses traditional spices. Every […]

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Enjoy the Best Mexican Pizza around Manassas

Mexican pizza on a table | Mexican pizza around Manassas

If you can’t decide what to eat for dinner tonight, visit a restaurant serving Mexican pizza around Manassas. You will enjoy slices topped with ingredients like jalapenos and salsa. The eateries serving this delicious dish near our Signal Hill apartments include: Tippy’s Taco House Founded in 1957, Tippy’s Taco House has a long history of […]

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Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner at These Diners around Manassas

platter of eggs and bacon at a diner | Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner at These Diners around Manassas

Offering delicious meals (including the ever-popular all-day breakfast) and fun, friendly settings, it’s no wonder the diners around Manassas draw a crowd. The next time you’re ready to eat out, visit one of these diners near our Signal Hill apartments: Tom’s Diner Nestled on Centreville Road for over 25 years, Tom’s Diner serves hearty meals […]

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Start Your Day with the Best Breakfast Sandwiches around Manassas

breakfast bagel sandwich with bacon and eggs | breakfast sandwiches around Manassas

Breakfast sandwiches offer a quick and delicious way to start the day. They feature everything from scrambled eggs to crispy bacon. The best places for breakfast sandwiches around Manassas near our Signal Hill apartments include: Grounds Central Station A Manassas fixture since 2010, Grounds Central Station has grown to become an active part of the […]

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