Three Chocolate Shops near Manassas

woman taking a photograph of boutique chocolates in a candy shop window | chocolate shops near Manassas

Believe it or not, Americans consume about 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate every year. Whether you like peanut butter cups or raspberry-filled truffles, several local shops will ship these treats and more to your door. Those near our Manassas apartments include:

Le Papiyon 

Nestled in nearby Fairfax, Le Papiyon is an online boutique that began offering decadent chocolate in 2014. It features an exclusive line and is known for its creative flair. Treats include dark chocolate thins, cupcake-covered chocolate, and milk chocolate filled with cotton candy. You can also create custom favors and gifts perfect for any occasion. 

Artisan Confections 

A DC area fixture since 2006, Artisan Confections creates some of the finest handcrafted chocolates around. Chocolate maker Jason Andelman graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He opened the shop to share his passion for chocolate with others. When Jason isn’t at work, you will find him cycling, hiking, or spending time with his family. The chocolate boxes come filled with everything from traditional flavors to bold, new creations. Build your own box or order the artisan’s choice for a surprise. Flavors include Tahitian vanilla bean, key lime, and banana walnut (vegan). 

River-Sea Chocolates 

When Mariano and Krissee decided to own a chocolate shop, River-Sea Chocolates opened its doors. They learned the art of chocolate making while visiting family in Brazil. Once home, the couple turned their kitchen into a candy-making factory. Today, Marino and Krissee source their ingredients from small-scale sustainable farms. Offerings include organic truffles, Kona chocolate bars, and hot chocolate bombs. 

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