Treat Your Taste Buds to Nicaraguan Food in Manassas

nicaraguan pork plate

Here in Manassas, we’re known for our architecture in our historic downtown district – gorgeous brick and colonial buildings that display the beginning of America. When you live in an apartment in Manassas, you get to live and interact with those historical structures daily. One thing people may not know is that Manassas brings the heat as a food city as well. When it comes to some of the best and most flavorful food in the city, you won’t find much that can exceed Eda’s Latin Food. Tucked away just outside Old Town, just 5 minutes from your home at The Elms at Old Mill, you’ll want to hit up this gem the next time you’re in the mood for new flavors.

Eda’s Latin Food

Eda’s is a simple establishment, focused only on bringing authentic flavors to your plate. Soups, fish, chicken, plantains – you’ll find all of the best in Central American Cuisine here, with some familiar flavors and some that may be brand new.

Eda’s menu can vary based on the day and season – one of the benefits of running a small family restaurant that gets the most use out of whatever is in season. You might find slice beef steak, a pig roast, or fresh baked fish, all brushed in southern spices. Occasionally, they’ll have favorites you may have seen before, like street tacos and enchiladas. As you return to Eda’s, you’ll find more and more flavors to love.

Historic Old Town Manassas features many restaurants – some situated amongst our most gorgeous buildings. Eda’s is more unassuming, situated in a strip mall amongst some auto body shops. But the food belies the location, and you’d be depriving yourself of an incredible meal if you judged this book by its cover. So the next time you’re considering a new dining spot to try, consider Eda’s – you won’t be disappointed.

When you live at the Elms at Old Mill, you don’t just get quick access to beautiful, classic architecture. You get food, fun, and a whole host of worldwide flavors what will change your flavor profile forever. To learn more about restaurants near our community¬†contact us¬†today.

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